Should Businesses Use Social Media to gain leverage

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Social media is the new virtual market where everyone who is in the new generation and some on the older generation are playing. Not using social media is as simple as not want to be in the market. Should businesses be on Social Media? To answer this question it makes sense to consider a number of things.

Kylie Jenner

In this section we do not need to explain much but if you are a business and are not on social media you might be missing out on an opportunity for growth like no other. People are always looking for what people think and what is trending and having an influence is all you need to understand about the need to be on social media. The right influence can generate millions of followers and in a few months millions of sales for your product.


Until you understand what business is you might never just do it. Business is about being bold and taking a risk and know what people want to see. So whether you are on platforms like twitter, the level of engagement and your understanding of audience can determine your sales. Sometimes outrageous ads like the Nike ads are enough to start a wild fire of sales.

A company can be cool

People want companies that relate to them which means the companies must be in the place which people are trending. a Restaurant will create more sales when people see the visual of it on social media. The more pictures, videos and status updates you post the more people will find you cool.

A stage that never shuts down

Imagine being on show all day long. On TV one has to buy advertising space but on your media page you are on show with your followers daily. You are not paying for it its u to you to keep it open and running. Imagine that stage being available to you as a business. When you have amassed so many followers this is what you have. If you do not utilize social media you may miss out on opportunities to be constantly on people’s minds.

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