Business is Understanding Problems that make money for you

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Understand the problem

Being educated does not make one intelligent but being intelligent makes one want to be educated as well.

 It is of no use to solve a problem without fully understanding what the problem is. There is always that danger that one can work on an apparent problem and not the actually problem. The apparent problem normally is just a symptom of the real cause. If one works on the symptom the problem is left and will keep coming back.  A symptom of a problem is that which is obvious and normally knowing the actual problem requires us to think beyond the obvious. This means actually going to the cause of the problem, knowing what is actually causing the symptoms to occur. A symptom of a problem could be that an army is always getting ambushed. It would seem wise to find the most hidden path in marching towards the enemy such that there is no chance of getting ambushed. Getting ambushed would be the apparent problem; however the real problem would be the spy among-st the army who keeps giving their position away. Unless  that spy is found and gotten rid of there will always be a chance that no matter how secretive the path is  the army can still get ambushed because the spy would still give their position away.

Many Roads

In most cases there are many roads to the solution. Each road has its own challenges along the way which must be faced. Before getting to the solution one must worry about the best “How”. Most of us know what we want so answering the part of the solution is easy, understanding why becomes simple when we know the actual problem, the when is answered in the understanding of the problem, the greatest challenge becomes the how. We tend to gravitate towards the easiest way to the solution and not the best way. There is a difference between easy and best. The best is the one that gives us the best use of resources, and makes us more efficient. We can never forget about time, without time there is no solution. The best road enables us to get to a solution in the right time., it is not just about just in time but rather the right time. Always consider the different roads that one can take but remember the best solution is the one that you can live with .never compromise on your values, some are not good for life principles, they may seem like the perfect way to do things in order to get things done in the most optimum time but however they can leave you with more than an after taste in your life. It is best to get a difficult how which you can live with than a super how that you can never stop regretting.

Chose and Do

Lack of implementation is the enemy of planning. The best plans or decisions mean nothing unless if they are implemented. Most of us will come up with all these wonderful decisions and perhaps some of the greatest plans ever thought of in the universe, but these all mean nothing until they are implemented. The greatest inventions are not the ones that are thought of or dreamt they are the ones that are actually implemented. There are people out there who have thought of the best and probably mind blowing inventions but these have come to nothing simply because there were never implemented.

One of the greatest under achievements of the human race is failure to actually implement the best solutions on life. The business of life is not about making profit it is about living in the perfect balance. Solutions are that which bring all things into balance not into profit. The only profit in life that makes sense is the one that helps to bring things into balance. Too much will always result in rot and drunkenness. We must always choose wisely to ensure that we never over do it or that we never have more than what is needed, when one has too much then one must use that which is too much to create the right balances in life. A lot of people get rich and die as soon as they have made their wealth simply because they are not aware of how to create the right balance with their profit.

Extract from the book “Five Principles of Programmed Success”

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