Golden Business Tips for the Startup that Wants to Succeed

“When the foundation does not make sense, everyone becomes an expert with a solution. If the ground that you standing on is weak, everyone will become an athlete. The problem is that the standard of the solution or athleticism will be anyone’s guess work. Even a fool will sound like an expert in the middle of chaos.”

Nothing spells confusion more than a situation where everyone is giving an opinion on what to do. If the vision is not clear then everyone will go in any direction in the dark. Vision clarifies where you should be going. If you are in business then you should make sure that you are knowing where you are going  and that the business is founded on the vision.

“People will see you in a ditch and think you are down and out, but they may not realize you are actually mining for gold. Keep digging”

People will laugh at you as if you do not know what you are doing especially if they think that you are stuck. It is important to stay on about your business and be focused.

“Rome was not built in a day, but unfortunately not everyone understand that the same days are available to everyone to build Rome”

When you are working on a great vision/business always remember to plan for every day. A day lost is a plan delayed. Work hard at your vision not on the sake of working hard.

“Hard work is about smart sacrifice. You might work very hard but your “hard work” is actually sacrificing for the wrong things, at the end you then wonder why you are so tired and there is little progress in your life. You are sleepless and for years you have been working diligently and sacrificing your time but not much to show it, you are still struggling to get that business, house, car or holidays to succeed. “

Hard work is good but if you are not sacrificing smartly your hard work might be just another dead end which has no reward. Work hard but sacrifice smart. Your hard work must be an investment in what matters and what really works for you. After every 3-6 months assess what your hard work has done for you. Have you multiplied your resources, are you any different from yesterday, what do you now own that is different? Always assess where you are in order to see if your investment in hard work is worth.”

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