How to start a Startup with a simple idea

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Stage of Ideas

1. Breakthrough: The birth of an idea, when an idea moves from being just a person’s imagination to being reality
2. The Standard: The time when the idea must be trained to become consistent with a set standard, a period of standard which sets your potential and capacity
3. The Momentum: the period in which an idea begins to generate its own new ideas and grows beyond itself though remaining the foundation
4. Authority: the time in which the idea becomes a recognized authority and takes a life of its own.

An idea is only as good as the detail in it. When we look at science it tells us that we are humans made up of very small particles which are then replicated in different ways to shape a human being, however what we do remain as is that we are made of atoms or whatever science calls in terms of the smallest particle. These particles are then organised in a way such that they create a specific shape and function; and wholes which we see and understand in totality. Before the whole can be made the small particle must be made first.

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