What Should you consider before choosing an African Country to invest in?

Which countries make the best investment destination in Africa? Sounds like a specific but broad question. If you want to invest there are a number of things you need to consider for Africa. We are going to list these but not in any particular order, however take your pick with regards to which ones you think will make sense for you.

Travel in and Out

The country must be accessible for travel arrangements such that when you need to fly in and out the country is available. That means you can get access to major destination even if it is by connection however it must not be a multiplication of connections otherwise you be frustrated


If you make 200 million  in profit are you able to get the money back to you or get it to where you need it to go. Investments means that you need a return, will you be able to get a return for your investment such that it comes back to you. Nothing would kill you more than trying to get money to your home country and you cannot send the money or you have to move mountains to be able to send the money

Monetary Institutions

Think banking institutions and how money is moved within the country. Accountability is only as good as the institutions which help to make the money. If the banks do not allow for certain aspects of trade you might be limited as to making of money and optimizing your options.

Skilled Labour

An investment requires labour and the success of any company is dependent on the level of employees or partners that are there. If the labour is not available which is adequate to meet the level of business operations that you are proposing this can get complicated. So looking at the investment see what the universities offer, that will give you a good idea with regard to what you can obtain from the market for your business investment.

Regulations for Operations

Understanding the legal side as well as the regulatory provisions that a country offers is critical for the success of any business. Getting it wrong can result in you being stuck in country where your money is not accessible to you or your independence can be compromised. Know the laws of operations as you do not want to be on the wrong side of the law when things are reviewed.


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