5 Startup Lessons -The not so easy story of a start up

Starting business can have a romantic appeal where one things they will make instant billions be featured in the latest Forbes article, yet not every start up makes it that far. The world is moving at a fast pace and starting a business is not the stuff for the weak it take a different kind of thinking to be able to see a business grow.

The story of the start up is not a romantic story it is a story full of sweat and hard work.


Until you are consistent in what you do, no one is going to take you seriously. In being consistent with your business offering and business presence people can then look at you and say yes you are here to stay. It is all easier said than done. Being consistent means that you will have to sacrifice more than you ever do, as you need resources; time and money in order to be consistent.


“With a great vision comes great sacrifices.” You will have to lose friends as some will not fit in with your schedule. You may be misunderstood and your pattern or new lifestyle will make you unfit for your friends, its  a two way street. You might sell your car, sell your stuff, sell your mini-dreams that you had before so that you open yourself  up for bigger dreams.

Long Days

One of the lessons you will learn about starting a startup is the work days are longer. You will quickly learn that “If you do not do it, no one else will”. In most cases you will note that it is up to you to achieve otherwise nothing gets done. Your days will get longer as you try to stretch each day to ensure that you are able to meet the deadlines and the orders that waiting for you.

Hard Work

The life of starting a business means hard work in order to make everything function for today as well as for tomorrow. If you do not do the hard work no one else will. It is therefore up to you to ensure that you do the hard work. This usually means ignoring when you are tired in order to be able to meet the deadlines for the business. Who you are is not whats important but what you do is more critical in determining who you become as a business.


Perhaps the hardest story of any start up is rejection. You will be rejected and told your product or service is not what they are looking for (even though they will go and get the same service from someone else) Overtime though people will come but in the early days never expect that the doors will just open to you just like that.

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