Apple’s $1 trillion valuation how to be next

If you are in business then the news of Amazon and Apple becoming trillion dollar market cap companies is old news. As to how this holds in the years to come is now a story of trading and innovation. One thing is for sure though, several companies will join the list in the not so distant future.  The global village is quickly becoming a next door neighborhood never mind the play ground  trade wars between China and USA, or the tantrums of Brexit by the English, the world in terms of commerce is a no longer a village which is why trillion dollar valuations are not too far.

How to be next is a not rocket science but a concoction of business acumen which is needed. Looking at Apple, one must remember that Steve Jobs’ charisma and shrewdness played a critical role in enabling the business to pivot forward otherwise Apple was going to be a secondary player. The right leader is important but this must be fused with ruthless workmanship which is all very professional in order to break that “unheard of now heard” of trillion dollar ceiling.

Most start ups do not get to survive to a million dollars, so a trillion might seem like another planet where the likes of  Amazon and Apple are playing in that field. The key to a successful company is to know what you are offering and then finding enough people that value your shares at over USD 207 (Here is to you Apple 2018). In a global neighborhood like the one we have now, almost anyone can direct funds to invest in the market. If the appetite is good then the success of the market will come as well. The product is key and its multiplication into the households is even more imperative.

Our neighborhood has nosy neighbors and some of these are looking out your fence and trying to see what you are up to. If they hear you fighting they can call the police on you or if they hear your good ideas  they can copy you ideas, such is the world of business today. Every company that is worth its trading salt must gear up to be consistent and aggressive for its belief or services. There are no passengers in the business world, either you are releasing the latest or the latest is being improved. This is one of the keys to how Apple got to 1 Trillion for the time that it did in 2018. By being innovative and coming up with new products you stay relevant and fresh.

There is a lot of variables that will affect how to be the next trillion dollar company, and some may not be helped by Trump’s war on China as their factories, like Apple, are in China. Some factors are merely predicated on how people see you when it comes to privacy, or even how eccentric your chair person such as Elon Musk is who might be too vocal for others but his weed smoking antics might be the right opening up for others. Knowing what works for your company and its success is more important than just trading without a vision or guidance on values.

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