Using systems as a stepping stone to improve and deliver greater usability and more powerful functionality

Whether it’s upgrading to the latest version of your ERP software, or your computer’s accounting system, we often hesitate to click the ‘update’ button, especially for first iterations.

Bill Gates aptly captioned this: “People always fear change”. People feared electricity when it was invented, didn’t they?” Whether that fear stems from a perceived risk, or the time needed for ERP implementation, this resistance to change can negatively impact an organization by causing confusion and inefficiencies that drain resources.

Embracing Digital Disruption

To ensure continued effectiveness, competitiveness and relevance in the modern, dynamic and complex business world, it is imperative to keep pace with digital disruption by implementing iterative CRM software updates or new releases.

Driven by the relentless innovation that characterizes the fourth industrial revolution, today new technologies are developed at an alarming rate. It is vital that businesses update their manufacturing software to take full advantage of new features.

Improved Functionality

Every upgrade builds on the previous version, using it as a stepping stone to improve and deliver greater usability and more powerful functionality. Missing a step can reduce proficiency and efficiency.

For instance, the latest ERPNext update to version 11 delivers features that address the current challenges faced in manufacturing and distribution operations. ERPNext is a cloud-capable solution that offers a fresh new look and feel, and compelling functionality, delivering business optimization benefits like IoT integration and predictive analytics.

Enhanced User Experience

A choice of interface (UI) allows companies to selectively deploy a rich web-based UI which is best suited for users who require device-agnostic mobile engagement from remote locations. This enhances UX by providing flexibility and meeting the demands of the consumerization of IT within the workplace.

These are features enabled through iterative updates that empower workers, rather than overwhelm them due to the complexity that generally characterizes intermittent, large-scale POS system upgrades. Understanding and embracing new updates will benefit organizations and greatly simplify the lives of their employees.


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