5 Reasons Why WWE Evolution Was an Overwhelming Success

When it comes to WWE pay per views everyone has had mixed reactions depending on whether you are a hard core fan or just being honest, the whole thing can sometimes be a gigantic miss, fan or not a fan . WWE Evolution is thus one of the seemingly rare times when WWE seems to have hit a pot of gold with some of the best performances and an overall success story for the company. After the entertainment is done and everyone has taken their bow it is important to reminisce and figure out what made Evolution such a success when compared to other pay per views.

Pioneer in Big Stage Women’s entertainment

For all the talk about how the women never got attention and they could never have their own show, WWE took it upon itself not only to get rid of the word diva but to start looking at the ladies as women who had their own revolution. With the arrival of women like Sasha Banks, Bailey, Charlotte Flair and Beck lynch, WWE announced itself as taking women seriously. Paige and AJ Lee were there but we only saw the take off of the revolution with the movement of  ladies from NXT to finally populate Raw and Smackdown with various superstars worthy of superstar tags, such that it was no longer just AJ Lee, the Bellas and Paige holding the women’s division. Finally WWE went and did one better by having matches for the women featuring cage matches, rumble matches and much more so that by the time  talents such as Asuka arrived, the set was ready for women’s evolution.

Last Woman Standing Match

Of all the matches that stood our Becky vs Charlotte was probably the best match in the history of women’s matches not forgetting the Sasha Banks vs Bailey match in NXT. This one stood out for all the ladders, tables and sticks used, the chairs and spots taken to ensure that two of the very best female wrestlers showcased why women deserved the same top billing. No one can thus argue that Beck Lynch and Charlotte Flair can headline any other pay per view and still kick it better than or as good as any  men’s best match.

Matches with real stories

It was not just a show case of women wrestling but actual wrestling stories, even late comers like Ronda Rousey had their moment, with the Bellas the seniors of the divas showing just what wrestling story telling was about. The ploys and twin magic by the Bellas reminded us that the women’s division has enough story telling to keep everyone invested in the story. Ronda and Nikki Bella had a lot of work to do after the Becky and Charlotte match but they still did their part with no pressure but simply the art of story telling. The same can be said about all the other matches that happened on the night.

No men to take any limelight

This one was for history and a beautiful history it was. This was not a show that needed men and WWE placed its faith on the likes of Nia Jax and company to carry the day. Even the NXT(Kairi Sane vs. Shayna Baszler) match in the Evolution spot still told its story and was let to have its spot light. Women on this day were let to be their own super stars. Gone were the days when amazing talentsuch as  the Glamazon had to share the spotlight no matter how immensely talented they were. It was good to see the legends being part of the show case and showing just what they were capable of.

Taking a Risk

No Roman Reigns, No Brock Lesnar, no Rollins, no “the Bar” , no “New Day”, but  a show with Becky Lynch and the ladies is a company willing to take risk with what it is building. This was not about making money but about having the  guts to take a business risk and create memories for people whilst showing that the women’s revolution is here to stay. Unlike the men’s shows this had full time  action superstars without having to rely on aged superstars like the Undertaker or Triple H to bring people in. This was way better than the follow up Crown Jewel which was a mess of nostalgia and not so interesting story lines.

Whatever the future holds this was one time that WWE had a pay per view that made headlines in every circle for the right reasons. We can only wait t see what the next installment has for everyone.

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