Stan Lee dies at 95, Leaves a Marvel Legacy that Lives on

Avengers would not exist without one man who made it a point to make a cameo in all things, Stan Lee. From  the period in 1961-4 when someone was needed to rival DC League, up stepped Lee to create what has become the mainstay of super hero movies. Imagine a world without Spider Man or Thor or Iron Man, for most super hero lovers that would not make sense. All these characters were created by a man in his interview in 2006 he said he did it in the hope to just keep his job, and what an amazing story it has turned out to be.

It’s not just comics but a business Industry

Marvel is not just a comic resurrected but also a business industry worth billions, hence Marvel was bought for 4 billion dollars by Walt Disney Company in 2009.  Flash into the last few years and we see the numbers speaking for themselves.

Here is a look at the number as posted on

Marvel movies are the best performing movies from any stable and best franchise of all time, and we are not just looking at the top 10 but looking at over 20  movies with more still to come.

As a business empire, Marvel extends beyond USA and has become a global phenomenon with merchandise that ranges from T-Shirts, toys and other sponsored appearances. It is pleasing to see Lee making cameo appearances in the Marvel movies which is an honorable tribute to the man who pieced the ideas of Marvel comics together. In their best day, his Lee inspired comics were selling over 50 million issues a year which for any distribution was quiet the successful business back then.

We have had TV- series such as the cartoon Iron Man series, Spider Man series and much more, thanks to ideas that were giving life.

Comics created memories and something to dream

The X-Men are not just characters but a celebration of individuality and being different. The Hulk not only is a character of strength but a character that depicts a man caught in between the science, the emotion, the relationships and a world that is not so easily accepting. Iron man the billionaire with a heart who decides to fight crime by using his vast wealth to create the personal armor that enables him to succeed, all these characters are a tribute to different concepts of existence that has made Marvel such a wonder and a success.

The making of Black Panther was in itself a monumental event that created not just a character but took a people and gave them something to relate to. The story of Wakanda and making it the most advanced society in Africa and the world gives Marvel something different and unifying.

Together with  Joan Lee, Stan Lee created a movement for women in the comics with the creation of different women characters fused into the X-men, the Avengers, and Fantastic Four. Black Widow  and Jean are all different characters which celebrate the differences that exist in women.

Comics became a way of life and memories were created for kids in the sixties up to present day. At the age of 95 Stan Lee lived to see his creations becoming a true global phenomena through the movies that they were and are still being created.

Stan Lee’s Vision

From Chris Evans to Hugh Jackman, Evangeline Lilly, Tom Hardy, Chadwick Boseman and many more superstars of the day, they owe their blockbuster status to a vision created by a man whose imagination was not stifled but allowed his stories to become part of his job. The success of Marvel would not be if Stan Lee and his team had not taken time to create and just let  people dream a little. Business is more than just an idea, it is a vision that creates life and wealth for everyone.

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