Uncovering if technology is only as good as its implementation- Pt V

A small business POS is an integrated system that can join inventory, bookkeeping, purchasing, and sales or it could be just a glorified cash register. If your business is still running on the old-school cash register, then it’s time to realise the benefits of using a point of sale system. Most basic systems include barcode capability that includes a barcode scanner and printer. Here are some of the reasons your business needs a ERP Software.

Elimination of Human Error

If you are calculating stock takes or adding orders manually, then you are exposing your business to unnecessary errors which are caused by humans. During a stock take one error found might be okay, however multiple errors going undetected may end up costing your business a great deal over time and it’s unnecessary given the wide range of job card software now available. Here are a few reasons POS systems are all the rage.

Loss of Revenue From Employee Theft

Unfortunately a high percentage of losses in businesses directly results from employee theft. A small business POS can track and evaluate all steps in the lifecycle of the product from purchasing it from the supplier to selling it to the client. Since employees understand how these processes function, they have the ability to understand the flaws and thus cover up the theft resulting in losses for your business. A small business manufacturing software has the data so you can understand the source of your losses, determine where the weakness are, and determine where action needs to be taken.

Increase efficiency

An efficient small business POS needs to balance your inventory and sales for you and then any discrepancies found need to be mitigated with measures to prevent repeatable offending. Any hvac service software worthy of your investment needs to be able to enter the sales information automatically and update inventory so the task of double-checking sales and what is in the stock is eliminated. Plus when your accounting software integrates with your POS software, you will gain even more insightful data that can be used to focus your efforts on generating extra revenue for the business.

Know Your Return On Investment

Do you know your best-selling product? Or the best performing store? Do you know why it is performing? Maybe you have a sales person that who is not selling so much. A small business ngo accounting software can generate sales reports that will help you to analyze the effectiveness of the running campaigns. Through this method, you will find products that have the best margins, the best sales person in all your stores, top pricing deals and structures that will convince customers to buy, and the most successful marketing activities in your business. It will become easy to optimize your sales processes, marketing, and ordering to improve your profit margins.

Optimize the checkout process

You need to speed up your business process by use of barcode scanning. Your customers will become satisfied if they will no longer have to queue for long to make a purchase. Using a small business ehs software will help you serve many customers per day. You will also record more data at all your stores and help you incentivize loyal clientele.


If you are using pen and paper to run your small business, a simple spreadsheet software or calculator, it is time to consider using a small business field service management software. When choosing a pos software, you need to focus on the future and settle for a system that will help you grow and scale.

Five Effective Measures for Reducing Retail Store Theft

Retail is one of the most common businesses entrepreneurs get into. But it’s also the one most targeted by thieves. It’s not just overnight burglary retail store owners need to worry about. Many shoplifting incidents occur during the day. Not only that, but employee theft is also common at retail stores.

It’s a commonly targeted industry for stealing. But because of this, there are many proven methods for reducing it. If you manage a retail business, here are some of the things you’ll want to do to reduce theft.

Alarms and Cameras

The first thing you’ll want to do is install a reliable security system in your store. Start with an alarm to alert authorities if anyone trespasses your store during closing times. You’ll also want security cameras, as they can help you identify perpetrators.

Security cameras for businesses are getting more advanced. Thanks to new technology, you can easily store hours of security footage and watch it back from a computer or ERPNext. If you’re looking for information on security camera systems, you can discover more from Security Camera King.

Simply having cameras watching customer areas can deter people from shoplifting. You can also hire guards to watch cameras and stop crimes as they happen.

Security Tags

You can add security tags to products to set off alarms if a customer doesn’t pay. It’s a highly effective way to prevent any incidents of petty theft, as shoplifters can get caught immediately.

Clothing stores often use ink tags which spoil stolen products. They work with sensors which are activated when exiting the store. But there are many variations of security tags, and they can be used for various kinds of products.

Reduce Access to Merchandise

One of the simplest ways to prevent thieves from performing a grab and run is to stop them getting their hands on products. Many stores find ways to make their valuable items less accessible to customers.

An obvious example is jewellery stores. Jewellers often use glass cabinets which they can unlock with a key. Customers can still view items, but they have to ask a store representative to get access to them.

Another good example is electronics stores. They often have display boxes for things like DVDs and expensive devices. Customers have to pay at checkout to get the real item.

Inventory Tracking

Some thefts may go unnoticed. To identify them, you should always keep track of your stock to make sure all items are accounted for.

You should also keep track of your money. There are often cases of employees stealing from cash registers at retail stores. Make sure money is counted to check for any losses.

Although inventory tracking involves a lot of counting, it doesn’t all have to be done manually. You can find inventory management software as CRM Software to help you track your assets.

Increase Awareness

Making customers aware of security can often prevent them from trying to steal. Make sure signs are up to warn people that cameras and theft-prevention measures are in place.

You’ll also want to ensure employees are aware of any security risks. Make sure they look out for any suspicious activity from customers and report it if they think theft is likely to happen.

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