Manage your company with small business ERP that grows with you – Pt II

Customized solutions for business processes and workflows.

Industry 4.0 has fuelled the growth and automation across industries. There are a plethora of ERP Software available in the market, ranging to cater to the requirements of small, medium and large enterprises. It is important to choose, the solution provider carefully depending upon the business needs, priorities and growth plans.

An ERP helps businesses, in streamlining their operational processes. It offers a central repository that can help in maintaining, the security of business data and provide useful business insights based on accurate analytics with real time inputs.

Few essential features, an job card software must possess:

  • Mobility: An internet connection, should be able to make it accessible anytime, anywhere.
  • Flexibility: It should be flexible, to adapt to the demands of your business and adapt itself to the changing regulatory framework.
  • Real time updates: To stay ahead of competition, it is important to get real time data updates for taking effective business decisions.
  • Scalability: As your business expands, it should help you grow at your own pace with scalable features.
  • Ease of use: An ERP should be simple to operate & easy to understand.
  • Configurability: It should be easy to configure and monitor, with any device or environment
  • Accuracy: Should provide accurate results based on real time data.
  • Multi-lingual support: Helps employees across regions understand the functionality of the ERP solution with ease.

ERP solution, comes with all the above features that make it an ideal solution for growing SME’s. No 3rd party license fee makes the solution more affordable. A concurrent user policy, makes this a viable proposition.

How can ERP help my small business? Can you give examples?


Customized solutions for business processes and workflows.

Small and mid-sized business faces many challenges in handling and streamlining their business processes as they grow and expand. If their processes are not streamlined, they will not have a single view of all their business process and may end up losing critical business data which may help them to grow faster.

hvac service software is not only an end to end process management system but also a central repository for documents, notes and communication for the whole company.

Reasons why a company need an ERP Software

Improve consistency and Accuracy: A CRM Software helps your business to provide consistency and accuracy when the information stored by the organization is inconsistent and inaccurate and departments are not properly integrated.

Serve as a Helping Hand for the Employees: When data is maintained in spreadsheets and excels, there is a lot of manual work and updating which the Sales Team requires to do on a daily basis and their valuable time goes in filling out data. Now imagine that the daily reporting work of the employee is reduced as they can update their CRM and ERP Solution from anywhere and anytime from any device and print the reports readily from the system, thereby saving their time and increasing productivity.

Operational Efficiency: Imagine if the management can view all data from Sales pipeline to customer service and aftersales procedures, in a single view, how much more control will they have over their processes and reduce leakages and disruption in services. This is what exactly an ERP Solution helps the organization to do. Be it startups or SMEs, they need to have a total control over their processes

Easy access to information: ERPNext system captures all your business information in a single scalable system. It ensures free flow of information across all departments of the organisation and makes this information accessible to the management at anytime, anywhere and from any device.

Prompt Decision Making: ERP for SMEs, lets the Management make prompt and strategic business decisions since they have access to the accurate information in the accurate time and manner.

Makes financial reporting simple – Through an integrated Business Intelligence and Financial reporting tool, it is very simple to get the MIS reports in the desired format from ngo accounting software.

Scale up your business: Scaling up the business with an appropriate manufacturing software is very crucial. It becomes difficult to maintain the customer information, passing on information between various departments, Inventory Management. Such issues can be easily taken care with an appropriate ERP system.

Ensure Customer Satisfaction as a top priority: field service management software helps in maintaining accurate information and also facilitates real-time updating of the data. This ensures the customer representatives access to updated and accurate data to provide customer service efficiently.

Streamline Business Process: Enhance Business processes by providing timely and accurate accessibility of the data and the resources.

Data Security: ehs software ensures the security of the data by making the information available only to those employees who have been assigned the rights to view them.

360 degree customer visibility – Real time dashboards and analytics eliminate the use of spreadsheets. Provides all the relevant details of the customers ageing, detailed inquiry of individual customers, default ones, etc.

Cost Cutting: Cuts down your operational cost by maintaining co-ordination between various departments.

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