Why We Believe the Future is in the Cloud – Pt III

This week we take a look at how Manufacturing Software Edition is vital to mid-large sized manufacturers to streamline business processes, generate accurate pricing and calculate total manufacturing costs and ultimately. We’ve put together a list of a few of the must-read articles on this subject with examples of how this solution can help you control your manufacturing environment while driving business growth.


The Difference Cloud-Computing Can Make in Manufacturing

The manufacturing industry is constantly evolving, and competition is steadily increasing. To adapt, manufacturers must explore new ways to deliver products and services. Implementing manufacturing field service management software to integrate and automate your processes is a key step in giving your business that competitive edge in the industry.

The ERP you choose must support the technologies that enable faster access to more useful data to enable efficient, agile and automated processes. Cloud solutions, such as job card software, give you the ability and flexibility to take care of business whenever from wherever (check out the Road trip as an example). These solutions also provide real-time data from a configurable dashboard, customization and updates from your software vendor to stay up-to-date on new best practices and regulations.

As a growing company, needed a cloud ERP system that could handle their unique business processes. They knew that they needed an hvac service software platform that was flexible and easy-to-use to meet their needs and support their business. With these two criteria guiding their selection process, chose their ERP solution. Implementing the Manufacturing Management Suite allowed to:

  • Streamline their operations
  • Improve their customer service
  • Establish a strategic platform for growth
  • Better manage their inventory
  • Gain insight into operations
  • Make better decisions


When asked about experience with ehs software, “We’ve just been really happy with this platform and the support is just top notch. There’s never been any issues with it that have come up that we’ve needed support for that couldn’t be quickly resolved. They definitely know their product.”


Manufacturing ERP Software That Gives Your Decision Makers the KPIs They Need

Monitoring the efficiency and productivity of your manufacturing business is vital to your success. To do so, you need a cloud manufacturing ERP. With it, you can measure how your business is doing with key performance indicators (KPIs) leading you to make better, more informed decisions. will help you with your production planning and control as well as your overall business operations. It provides pre-defined KPIs which users throughout your company can pull together and adapt to fit their specific situation. These KPIs are easily accessible on a single user-friendly dashboard via cloud manufacturing solution. Those working out of the office aren’t left out—they can review their dashboards with their specified KPIs on any mobile device on-the-go.

We know how valuable the CRM software is for businesses – especially those in the manufacturing industry. If you’re interested in how Cloud ERP Software can boost your business, the team is passionate about streamlined implementation and on-going support.

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