Why We Believe the Future is in the Cloud – Pt IV

What does a successful financial management team look like?

  • They utilize KPIs and the right financial reporting and analytical tools.
  • They provide actionable information to deliver insightful, profit-building decisions.
  • They have the visibility to analyse real-time numbers across all of your company’s departments at any moment.
  • They are key partners in patching profit leaks and facilitating the success of your business.

If this whole list was true about your financial team – your business would be operating at its highest capacity. When your financial team is successful, your business operates more efficiently, process bottlenecks are eliminated and ultimately your bottom line increases.

The right ERP software is integral in setting up your financial team for success.

It offers an advanced financial management ERP software which includes key performance indicators (KPIs). This software gives you and your financial team a holistic view of the health of your organization, from forecasting seasonal sales to avoiding inventory shortages to finding the most profitable sales points. However, KPIs can only do so much. It also has financial reporting and analytical tools to track and report on those KPI numbers and in a way that is meaningful to the parties who need to know them.

A cloud job card software will support the success of your financials, and overall business, by exposing the data you need, integrating the data from multiple applications and utilizing reporting tools for tactical and impactful decision making.

Using A Cloud ERP System to Expose the Data You Need

Old legacy hvac service software systems have a difficult time making data available to users in a convenient way. With a legacy system in place, hours are spent extracting data and performing analysis using Excel spreadsheets which sucks up a lot of your financial team’s valuable time.

Modern, cloud ERP systems have analysis tools that can automate data extraction and analysis tasks, allowing your team the opportunity to provide real insight to your decision makers.

How Cloud ehs software gives your team convenient access to important data:

  • By offering easy to access data from anywhere in the system.
  • By making data available to multiple reporting applications.
  • By enforcing system-wide access security.
  • By providing real-time access to data.


Integrating Data for a Holistic View of Your Company

The real power of data analysis comes when you join the data from your ngo accounting software system with data from the other business applications you use. By consolidating your data, you can analyse every aspect of your business and gain a holistic view of your company.

How Cloud field service management software integrates data and gives you a comprehensive view of your organization:

  • By allowing users to collect information from your other business applications, so you aren’t limited to just the data can see.
  • By giving you multiple ways to export data, using dashboards, reporting, Excel or business intelligence tools – so you can always use the right tools for the task.
  • By providing you the ability to aggregate and visualize data to present information in reports and dashboards using graphs, tables and more.


Utilizing CRM Software Reporting for Tactical Decision-Making

Generally, KPIs indicate the financial health of an organization in four main areas: profitability, productivity, cash flow and solvency. However, your financial team needs to be able to understand the why behind each of these numbers and be able to predict future behaviour. By using effective tools to analyse the data and generate reports, your team will be able to provide the rest of your organization actionable information for better decision making.

How Cloud ERP Software’s reporting and analytics tools support your financial team in translating data into tactical changes:

  • By including reports you can use out-of-the-box as well as the ability to customize reports for your unique business processes.
  • By automating report generation, saving your team time for more important tasks.
  • By allowing role-based dashboards, so key team members always have an at-a-glance view of the information they need.

When your financials are constantly being analysed, integrated and converted into reports which facilitate better decision making, your company has hit the sweet spot. Imagine the streamlined business processes and improved profitability that could come from a dynamic partnership between your financial team and the rest of your organization. With manufacturing software financial management systems this isn’t a pipe dream – it’s an achievable reality.


Need more information on the software? Check out the overview of ERPNext’s Financial Management.

Have any questions about cloud ERP software or want to request a demonstration? Contact our team.

Remember, the company you choose to implement your software dictates the success or failure of your software investment.  We are passionate about providing superior ERP solutions and support.

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