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    21 Ways to Save Money

    Decide what you want: You can’t save money until you decide what it is that your goal is. We are human and we function with goals in mind. It is therefore imperative that that you set money saving goals that you can relate to. What cannot be measured cannot be achieved simply says that if we are working towards something that we cannot measure we will not achieve it. So put a number towards what you want to achieve. If you want to a buy a $4,000 car so that is your starting point. If you need to save $4,000 then that is what you need to do

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  • Face kit Eyebrows Liquid eyeliner

    Makeup kit includes

    Silicone face scrub

    Eyebrow pencil

    Liquid eyeliner

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    Ntombi in 3D mink lashes

    These lashes are reusable light band

    Great for photo shoot or your next event

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    The Five Principles of Programmed Success

    Learn how to be the best of yourself by programming your mind for different aspects. With these 5 principles you will learn what it truly means to be in charge of who you are. Our minds are programmable and most of the things we fail at it is because we have learned principles that lead us to failure. Be the best of yourself today and learn new things

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    The One Percent that Plants

    In the world there is one percent of people who control the world. They are very successful and make most of the money. It is no wonder that less than 3000 people are direct billionaires. This book looks to see who the one percent can be achieved and you can be as successful as your want to be.

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    Tomatoes for export at good prices per tonne

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    Understanding the Book of Revelations

    Welcome to this e-book on The Book of Revelation from the Bible. Inside you will find topics on certain subject areas on The Book of Revelations. This series is a list of articles I wrote some time ago and have been compiled to help you the reader to understand The Book of Revelations. I have put in scripture references for you to refer to and test the spirit of the article for yourself

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